3 Strategies For Seeking Damages from Counterfeit Sites

Have you and your legal team thought about filing a formal complaint to seek damages against a counterfeit site? These 3 strategies are a great place to get started.

  1. Collecting data to prove a repeat offense is the strategy most commonly used by brand owners. Screenshots of purchase pages, the ads they use to market the products, as well as copies of cease and desist letters all play a role in filing a formal complaint.
  2. Identify whether or not the infringing site is using a US-based payment processor to handle their transactions. A US federal court may be persuaded to freeze the counterfeiters’ US-based financial accounts – which could be the basis of a lawsuit for you moving forward.
  3. Launch an effective anti-counterfeiting strategy that proves you are proactively and strategically monitoring online activity and reacting quickly with removal requests from the marketplace in violation.

CounterFind is the solution to help you implement all 3 strategies. The software has been used by major brands to seek legal action and damages against counterfeit sites.


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