Eliminating Counterfeit Merchandise Online

Turnkey technology used by the world’s leading sports and entertainment brands

The #1 Software For Removing Counterfeit Merchandise Online

CounterFind is turnkey technology combining a proprietary filtering formula with industry expertise to recognize, report, and remove all ads marketing counterfeit merchandise on Facebook and all counterfeit product listings on Amazon in real time.

Just A Few Companies We Are Helping

Using an innovative algorithm to calculate the total average volume sold per listing X price of merchandise that computes the amount of revenue saved after shutting down each listing. 

All counterfeit ads and listings found will be submitted for shutdown in less than a day to avoid major losses in licensing revenue. 

Custom reporting tailored to your brand highlighting direct ROI and the value obtained by CounterFind™ shutdowns in social commerce and in the marketplace.

Eliminates manual brand protection processes with automatic screenshots, data collection, report forms, C&D letters, and blacklisting.

Plugs directly into Facebook API to find all ads and marketing counterfeit products for each brand in real time across all third-party websites on the internet.

Costs less than ¼ of traditional anti-counterfeiting methods while removing hours of manual process of brand protection from your workload.